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Short introduction of DAI and CACH
Cooperation between DAI and CACH
Concept of the website within the context of the cooperation

Short introduction

German Archaeological Institute

The Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage

The German Archaeological Institute is one of the oldest research facilities in Germany. It is subordinate to the Federal Foreign Office. The predecessor of the German Archaeological Institute is the Instituto di correspondenza archeological, which was founded in Rome in 1829. At that time it mostly focused on the research and distribution of classical greco-roman art. The institute moved from Rome to Berlin in 1832.

With its historical development over almost 200 years, the German Archaeological Institute now possesses 11 departments and is present in 14 countries with branch offices and working places. The DAI is conducting about 200 archaeological projects on a global scale within a chronological range from the Neolithic to the Medieval Age. Each department features a library that is open to the public.

The German Archaeological Institute is involved in archaeological surveys, excavations and reconstruction work all year round. Most of the projects are run in cooperation with museums, universities, and other institutes inside and outside of Germany and the results are jointly published. In addition, the DAI organises international conferences and training events for archaeological personnel. The German Archaeological Institute publishes about 60 field reports and collections of archaeological essays each year.


Directly supervised by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, CACH is a professional organization for the research and practice of the conservation and protection of the cultural heritage in China. The history of this institution goes back to 1935, when it was called the “Old Town Cultural Relics Management Committee”. After over 70 years of development, CACH now employs 133 staff members and owns a large number of valuable documentations and collections of cultural heritage, including books, archives of the cultural heritage in China, historical photos, drawings of old architecture, rubbings of antique inscriptions and architectural models. In addition, CACH has some of the most advanced scientific research equipment and instruments.

The main task of CACH is to deal with the conservation of the Chinese cultural heritage and its scientific management and realization. In particular, their responsibilities include the scientific conservation, research, restoration as well as the investigation and archiving of the Chinese cultural heritage, the protection of archaeological sites, the conservation and maintenance of old buildings, research into and preservation of old books and the planning and implementation of projects on the protection, management and presentation of the cultural heritage. Finally, the development of international co-operations, the support of academic dialogue as well as the arrangement of professional training in protection and conservation techniques of cultural heritage form some of the main duties of CACH.


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Cooperation between DAI and CACH

On November 13 2009 the former president of the German Archaeological Institute, Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Gehrke, and the director of the Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage (CACH), Mr. Gu Yucai, signed an agreement of cooperation which set the course for the establishment of a branch office of the DAI Eurasia Department in Beijing.

This new cooperation and thereby the foundation of a branch office in Beijing form the climax of the long development of Sino-German cooperation in the field of archaeology, which has been agreed upon in the Sino-German Cultural Convention of 1979. Close collaborations between the DAI and several Chinese institutions were created as early as one year after that. These connections could be expanded and deepened by the Beijing Branch Office.

The German Archaeological Institute is thereby the first and only foreign research institution focused on archaeology and cultural heritage with a permanent branch establishment in China.

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Concept of the website within the context of the cooperation

China possesses a large number of archaeological sites whose discovery and excavation on a massive scale is a consequence of the current rapid economic development. Rising numbers of archaeological projects result in a swiftly growing output of scientific as well as popular publications of the findings in the form of articles and books of very good quality concerning content and print. At the same time, site museums are created all over the country, with extensive accompanying programs and online presence. All this information is almost exclusively presented in Chinese language. From this supply of continually updated news about archaeology and cultural heritage in China, we select the subjects most interesting to international research and the broad public and make them available in English and German.

This website is designed to be a platform for English-, German- or Chinese-speaking scientists and non-professionals who are interested in the research and preservation of cultural heritage in China. It is especially aimed at employees of the DAI and CACH, cooperation partners of both institutes, professors and students, sponsors, government representatives, and international media.

This website is jointly managed by the Beijing Branch Office of the DAI and the Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage (CACH).

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