Museum & Exhibition

Figure captions are in the text. (Photo: China Culture Relics News Press)
Palace Museum Opens Four More Areas inside the Forbidden City to the Public

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Palace Museum, the entire Forbidden City is full with activities and exhibitions. Recently, four more areas have been opened to visitors for the first time after necessary renovation.

Tang West Market Museum in Xi‘an – Outside. (Photo: P. Wertmann)
The Tang West Market Museum (大唐西市博物馆)

The museum is constructed directly above the site of the former West Market of the Tang dynasty (618-907) capital Chang’an (modern Xi’an). The exhibition is entitled “Starting Point of the Silk Road – Merchant Spirits of Flourishing Age“. It is Chinas first archaeological on-site museum in private hands.

Han Yangling Museum
The Yangling-Museum about the Han-Dynastie (汉阳陵博物馆)

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