Palace Museum Opens Four More Areas inside the Forbidden City to the Public
  • Figure captions are in the text. (Photo: China Culture Relics News Press)

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Palace Museum, the entire Forbidden City is full with activities and exhibitions. Recently, four more areas have been opened to visitors for the first time after necessary renovation.

1: Area of Wu Men (Meridian Gate)—Yanchi Lou (Wing Building)
This is the biggest and the highest leveled exhibition area of the Palace Museum. Some 2800m²of the exhibition hall with high-tech equipment is suitable to display different kinds of exhibitions.

2: Area of Donghua Men (Eastern Gate)
Include Donghua Men, the southeast turret and the city wall from Wu Men to Donghua Men.

3: Area of Cining Gong (Palace of Compassion and Tranquility)
Include Cining Gong which is used now as sculpture exhibition hall, Shoukang Gong (Palace of Longevity and Health) now opened in its original state and the garden in the south. Along the way to the garden, visitors can see the archaeological excavation carried on there. 

4. Baoyun Lou (Hall of Embodied Treasures)
The building lies inside the Xihua Men (Western Gate). Used to be a storage of cultural relics during the period of Republic of China (1912-1949). Highlight of the visit is the unique architecture in a style of Chinese-western combination.


Figure Captions

  • Upper left: Cining Gong (Palace of Compassion and Tranquility)
  • Upper right: Wu Men (Meridian Gate)—Yanchi Lou (Wing Building)
  • Middle left: Shoukang Men (Gate of Longevity and Health)
  • Middle right: Parterre inside the Garden of Cining Gong
  • Lower left: Pavilion inside the Garden of Cining Gong
  • Lower middle: Stone sculpture area
  • Lower right: City Wall and Tower of Donghua Men (Eastern Gate)


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